PALMIT 80 is a pure free fatty acid derived from vegetable oil through several refining steps from GMO-free palm oil. It is produced in a modern, HACCP, GMP and ISO certified facility in Southeast Asia, in close proximity to the natural raw material, thereby securing a consistent and completely traceable product of high quality. A clearly defined cooperation agreement with the producer ensures reliable and safe production, giving the customer a cost-effective source of energy with important nutritional, physiological and health benefits.

PALMIT 80 consists of predominantly long-chain saturated free fatty acids which make it resistant to fast oxidation and spoilage. The high melting point of approximately 137ºF gives it high rumen by-pass qualities and it is nearly completely absorbed in the small intestine.  Because of its composed of minimum 99% of pilled fatty acids, Palmit 80 can increase butterfat 0.2% to 0.5%.

PALMIT 80’s very high energy content, combined with its high digestibility and outstanding technological qualities of a spray-dried fat make it ideal as an energy-rich supplement in pig & poultry diets.

PALMIT 80 is delivered as spray-dried prills in 25kg (55.11lbs) bags, 650kg (1433lbs) totes, or in bulk.

With appropriate dry, clean storage in temperatures not exceeding 110ºF the product is stable for 18 months from the production date.